Why Our Clients Use Us

Homesolve has many years of experience in all aspects of property development, including planning, insurance, utility management and building control. Their approach to construction projects is both flexible and accommodating of the client’s requirements. As a flexible developer Homesolve Ltd can provide their clients with the perfect construction solution, priding themselves on their reliability and high level of customer service. Whether their clients choose a detailed architect specification or the ìDesign and Buildî options they will receive the same high level of service.

Expert knowledge in construction and interior trends alongside ongoing research into the property market ensures that clients receive the best advice on components such as building materials and flooring as well as interior design.

They listen carefully to the specific requirements and needs of our clients and provide customised solutions.

Homesolve’s construction projects are directed by a fully trained site manager. They will drive the works to ensure each job is completed on time and within budget.

All of their clients are provided with access to an extensive network of established professional services including architects, structural engineers and building control inspectors; providing additional support.

The company is competent and experienced at liaising with all third parties associated with construction projects. For example utility providers and local authorities.

Homesolve’s quality control system ensures that their clients experience a "hassle-free" build.

This approach to construction projects enables Homesolve to deliver the highest quality of build possible, ensuring that all works meet the regulatory requirements at a competitive price. As a result of the knowledge and experience within the team all projects are streamlined and produce high-quality building works, reducing the stress often associated with construction projects. The company pride themselves on delivering high-spec builds, on time in a manner that allows their clients to enjoy the experience!