Professional and reliable project management and delivery from start to finish

Our Senior Team

Jacques Mellinger Bsc

Finance and Marketing Director

Homesolve Ltd was co-founded in 2010 by Jacques Mellinger.

Mr Mellinger is responsible for the marketing and finance divisions of the business as well as all aspects of on-site Health and Safety for works carried out by Homesolve. In his early career, he developed skills in finance and marketing whilst working within the finance industry.

Before the creation of Homesolve Mr Mellinger acted as a project manager for several construction projects, in both the rental and high-end domestic sectors. Studying project management, as part of a broader degree from UCL resulted in a keen eye for detail and the ability to understand the detailed technical aspects of construction projects. He is also multi-lingual which is of great advantage to both Homesolve and their clients.

Mr Mellinger is passionate about the values of his company and Homesolve is a family orientated business which supports mentoring projects.

These projects are available to members of the community whom would not otherwise have access to the training and guidance that Homesolve provide. Upon completion of the mentoring project the individual will have the skills and confidence to obtain a job or even set up their own business. This ethos is also reflected in his personal life and activities as Mr Mellinger supports and volunteers for local charities.

Outside of his professional life Mr Mellinger is happily married with 5 children and enjoys golf, skiing and visiting museums.

Barry Korman

Operational Director

Barry Korman co-founded Homesolve Ltd alongside Jacques Mellinger in 2010.

Responsible for the direction, planning and control all functions of the company; including the monitoring and performance evaluation of all tradespeople. As director of the company Mr Korman works hard to ensure that Homesolve offers the best products and services to its clients.

Beginning his career as an apprentice to a site manager, Mr Korman has worked in the construction industry for his entire working life. Holding several roles, most recently as both an acquirement manager and project manager for a company specialising in high-end residential developments.

Mr Korman holds full CITB qualifications for site management and health and safety and has a close professional relationship with his team of project and site managers. Competent in multiple languages, he can also converse with many different nationalities with ease.

Alongside his co-founder Jacques Mellinger, Mr Korman is also involved in mentoring teenagers and the elderly and supporting local charities, as well as delivering lectures on ancient biblical texts.

Outside of work Mr Korman is happily married with 5 children and enjoys exploring the outdoors, golfing and visiting cultural landmarks.