The Process

1. Initial Consultation

During an initial consultation, our goal is to fully understand both the client and project requirements. At this meeting, any site-specific restrictions will be discussed, and a plan to navigate them will be assembled. Upon completion of this meeting, the client will have all of the information they require to proceed with the project. This will comprise all of the requirements needed to take the next step in the process, including additional investigation or documentation.

2. Studying Of Documentation

Following the initial consultation, we will carefully and methodically review all documentation provided by the client. These documents include but are not limited to architectural and structural drawings, surveys and planning conditions.

3. Site Inspection

Once the review of documentation is completed members of our team will visit the proposed development site. This will allow us to gain a more in-depth understanding of the condition of the site and review aspects such as access points and any potential issues or limitations.

4. Second Meeting

Consequent to the site visit, Homesolve will arrange a second meeting with the client. This meeting allows us to present our findings and carry out further discussion. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that we possess all of the information required to present an accurate quote, making sure that there are no unexpected extras at a later date.

5. Presenting A Formal Quote

At this point, both the project and client requirements are understood. We now provide an accurate quote based on the discussion and findings of the meetings and site inspection.

6. Signing Of Contract

A formal contract which outlines the requirements for both the client and Homesolve will be signed by both parties.

7. Schedule Of Works

Before the commencement all of our clients are provided with a complete schedule of works for the project. This document includes deadlines for the completion of works by Homesolve and may also include deadlines which apply to the client.

8. Progress Meetings

Regular progress meetings will be scheduled to keep clients up to date with all details of the development.

9. Sign Off

The client will be requested to sign-off the works after they have been assessed using our rigorous quality management system.

10. Aftercare And Guarantees

Upon sign-off, the client will receive a project folder which includes all of the aftercare and guarantee documents for their project.